CIS Inspection Reports

Our complete inspection reports encompass a wide range of photographs, meticulous specifications, and comprehensive documentation covering both significant and minor aspects, including pricing details.

We take pride in our adaptability to tailor inspections according to the specific needs of our clients. Whether it's verifying VINs for extensive asset fleets or providing a streamlined version of our comprehensive report, we ensure a customized approach to meet your unique preferences.

Equipment Categories

Heavy Duty Trucks

Dump Trucks

Flatbed Trucks


Tanker Trucks

Refrigerated Trucks





Lowboy Trailers

Utility Trailers

Cargo Trailers

Tour Buses

School Buses




Heavy & Light Construction Equipment

Use Cases

CIS clients and partners leverage our comprehensive inspection reports for a multitude of purposes. These reports serve as essential tools for facilitating precise remarketing, conducting pre-purchase assessments, evaluating lease-end conditions, and performing repo-style inspections within the trucking industry. Furthermore, our services extend to include DOT inspections conducted at major ports, asset valuation for both liquidation and acquisition initiatives, and streamlined VIN verification to maintain accurate inventory records.

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